May 3, 2018 BOE Meeting

Board of Education Meeting on May 3rd
At the May 3rd Board of Education meeting Ms. Gensel asked Mrs. Shober, Whiton Principal to introduce the two groups from Whiton who were presenting to the Board of Education.

Mrs. Shober called the Helping Hands group to the microphone and turned it over to Ms. O’Neill a Reading Specialist at Whiton who also runs Helping Hands. The students she had with her talked about what they do in Helping Hands and all the good things they are worked on this year. Brandon, Faith and Addie explained that Helping Hands is a 3rd grade community service club that meets during recess periods. To be in Helping Hands you have to volunteer at least one time per cycle to work on a community service project. For example some classes made ornaments, decorated placemats and holiday decorations for the Meals on Wheels Holiday Gala. Meals on Wheels came to Whiton to speak with them about the non-profit and the students learned a lot about senior citizens. Another project was with St. Hubert’s. They are currently helping their own school community by making thank you’s for their food service workers, custodians and secretaries since they help their school run so well. WES Students at BOE Meeting

Ms. O’Neill explained that in addition to the student side there is also a staff side which is equally impressive. This year they have had a 90% participation rate between students and staff. The staff is going to be a part of building a home for Habitat for Humanity. This year they have also held a read aloud, craft and snack project for Agape House, volunteered at St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter and the Flemington Area Food Pantry and participated in a stream cleanup for Raritan Headwaters. Most recently the staff has donated, decorated and stuffed 21 “Sweet Cases” for Together We Rise which is a nonprofit that gifts the bag to children in foster care so that no child has to carry their belongings in garbage bags.

Mrs. Shober then introduced Ms. Pernini a 3rd grade teacher who heads “What’s Up Whiton” a news production club which is in their first year at the school. Ms. Pernini introduced three of the on-air talent, Houston, Nathaniel and Keira. What’s Up Whiton is a current events video made by 3rd graders. Some of the participants are on-air talent and some are behind the scenes. They come up with story ideas and then choose one and write a script,WES Students at BOE Meeting use visuals, props and then practice. They then recorded their clips (sometimes more than once) and they all got together to do the opening credits. The consensus of the three was that they liked the filming the best! They are currently working on their second production and hope to have it completed by June!

Thank you to all the students who came and presented. You did a wonderful job!
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