HIB Incident Reporting Process

According to the New Jersey State Bar Foundation, “bullying is unfair and one-sided. It occurs when someone keeps hurting, frightening, or leaving someone out intentionally. Bullying always involves an imbalance of power that is not based on physical size.”

HIB Timeline & Process:

  1. HIB is verbally reported to administrator or administrator's designee.
  2. A written report needs to be completed. The form can be e-mailed to you from the school's administrator.
  3. Parents of the alleged bully and victim are notified that an investigation will take place.
  4. An investigation needs to be completed within 10 school days of the receipt of the written report.
  5. Parents will be informally notified of the results of the investigation. 
  6. The Superintendent is given the results of the investigation and can decide to take further action.
  7. Results are presented to the Board of Education, and they can decide to take further action.
  8. Parents are notified of the nature of the investigation, whether discipline was imposed (nature of discipline is kept confidential), and what services will be provided to address the HIB.
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