Building Asbestos Information

Status of Asbestos-Containing Building Materials in the
Branchburg Township School District

Asbestos Information Statement:

Pursuant to the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (A.HE.R.A.), all employees, building occupants, and the public are to be informed annually about the status of and activities related to asbestos-containing materials in the School District.

Since 1988, Management Plans prepared by Briggs Associates, Inc., a certified asbestos hazard management firm, have been on file in the Board Office and Principals’ Offices of each school. As required by law, these are available for review by the public upon request. The required Three-Year Re-inspection Reports have been prepared by Briggs Associates, most recently on September 15, 2022. These reports are also available for review by the public.

Several abatement projects have taken place since 1988 in compliance with the requirements of the A.H.E.R.A. plan. During the summer of 1996, all vinyl asbestos flooring (VAT) at Old York School was removed and replaced with vinyl composition tile. In addition, in the course of unrelated renovation work, asbestos pipe wrapping was removed in various locations at Old York School, and Stony Brook School in 1999. In 2001 we also removed all VAT flooring from Stony Brook School and 2002 and 2003 Central School (except one room). During 2002 and 2003 asbestos pipe wrap at Central Middle School and 2001 at Stony Brook School asbestos pipe wrap in high-risk areas of the building was removed. The Board of Education has planned for the replacement of vinyl asbestos tile flooring of one classroom at Central Middle School as part of its Five-Year Facilities Maintenance Plan. In the interim, no hazardous conditions are present because the existing flooring is intact and therefore not creating friable asbestos.

The only remaining obligations under the law are as follows: to train new staff who may be potentially exposed to asbestos-containing materials, to annually re-train existing staff, and to conduct semi-animal inspections with in-house certified staff. These are continuing to be performed on a regular basis. The District is fully in compliance with the requirements of A.H.E.R.A.

Any questions regarding asbestos management should be directed to Samad Mobley at (908) 722-3335 X 1630

Samad Mobley, CEFM
Director of Buildings & Grounds

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